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aiShell Air



aiShell Air - Cases for iPad Air 1 + 2
The waterproof and impact resistant aiShell Air from outdoorcover are specialy developed for outdoor activities. The same applies to the new aiShell with its IP67 International Protection Rating that is even protected against short-time immersion. Despite the high protection rating almost all the features of the iPad Air are available, even if it is in the case. But the aiShell Air can do much more. There is a wide range of extremly extensible accessories. Taken together, they make the aiShell in the „Swiss Army Knife“ of the outdoor cases. It only takes few seconds to insert or remove the iPad Air from the case. Many conventional outdoor cases have either a simple screen protector or none at all. The aiShell screen is not only protected against the ingress of dust and water, but is also protected against scratches.

Slimmer design and lower price, but no compromise for the toughest case on the market today. Protect your new investment, no other case handle what this can take. Watertight, shockproof and the easiest system of installation and removal. iPad Air 1 + 2 are fully operable in the aiShell Air case, camera port on both sides. Dimensions: 265x195x20, Weight: 319g.
NOTE: This case is compatible with the Aishsell mini waterproof charging cable.

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